Wednesday, November 19, 2014

School thing, Christmas things and clever tip for the upcoming tests!

Well,  the school is almost going to end, at least this semester and only ca. two weeks after!

I have to deliver three major projects, finish two tests in English and Danish and then I am done...

...Christmas her I come!

I cannot wait to go on holiday and just throw all that stress way and just go to work to save me some little money for my family little USA holiday trip to Florida! Yes, I am going to Florida whit my family in January and I can’t wait (more on that later in January).

Christmas has come to my home.. and it my think its December  24. in my head but my school keeps me a little busy so I'm not quite ready to decorate the hell out of my home.. I am okay for now whit some Christmas songs until the test session is over ;-)

Here are some pictures until the next of the last month.. some of them are taken in my school and other at home

 Black dress for my lovely mom :-)

And it's necessary, of course, to sew sometimes one my self and my little princess a Christmas dress.


The White Dresses who I am sewing right now for my aunt. Deliver day November 28. !

 the start....

Biaisband handsewn down

 picture taken in my school 

  picture taken in in my home 

My future studio.
Project I was starting on the other day in Technology class (the class is called Iðnfræðin in Icelandic).  


My Dad is in pretty much in Christmas mood right now, the house is glowing and i'ts more to come!


I bought these gorgeous shoes on my daughter the other day and I love them so much..  i really recommend them for the kids this winter.


I'm a very organized person as you can see her above, at least I think it! ;-)

  I'm some times doing everything at the same time and sometimes i don't know which one of my projects a have to start on now and which i have to finish now.

I went field trip with my school the other day and I saw one designeder at HuginnMuninn using this system.. and it is clearly working for me as you can see her below ! So I hope that you can take it and use this in yours christmas tests or in something else you are doing. 


.....and last but not least, my lovely record player.. what is better than to put one beautiful christmas album under the  needle and play while a sew and my little Dísa plays whit her toys... just awesome!

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