Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY; Golden Shoes.. Simple DIY!..

S h o e s ! . . 

. . G O L D   S H O E S ! ! ! . . .  

Who does not want gold shoes ..? I do not know anyone who would say no to that, but.. it probably all depends on the shoe, and everyone would say yes if it is a Real Golden shoes..  Yes! 

I own a fantastic black high shoes that I love so much, the heel is not too big.. but big enough ;-)

 But I probably used them to much last winter... sorry shoes :-( I was almost ready to toss them with tears in my eyes, but  in that moment I decided suddenly to do a little DIY ;-), I got me a piece of paint tape and a gold spray paint that I already had. 

I cut down small strips of the tape and just play the strips randomly on the shoes, (and i played more tape rather than less.. since I wanted to keep as much of the black color of the shoe) then a spray paint on the spot where the tape was and Vola!.. let them dry overnight and now a love them more! 

They are a bit different, but that is what I think is cool,
..and not everyone has the same taste thank god!

Enjoy and thanks for coming by to my site :-)

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