Thursday, June 16, 2011

self expression-----only!

So this is my new blog, which is about fashion and other stuff.. and this is basically my first post.. and i hope you like :)

So I'll just start with that I do not go after fashion trends aand........ I DO NOT CARE ABOUT FASHION "RULES."  thats just me..  I'm into everything! and when it comes to "dressing for my body" that is big.. or as it is called a plus size body or whatever i just do what I like time to time.. everything goes out the window no "Rules" Nothing is off limits for me, whether I'm dressing or styling myself.. "plus size girl".. i just do what every thing i WANT! so please no more " You must enhance the waist! and you need that to do that" this is sometimes right but just do wat you ar cool with ! Fashion is all about self-expression you can decide what you should wear.

But here are pictures of clothes and wallet, which I have repaired and improved .. These are old sweaters that my grandmother has give me and that my mom used in the old days.. And I Love Them! and this old wallet I bought fore a little money and i just fix those in a new one. I hope you like it :)

With lovely greetings and gratitude Jóhanna Eva Gunn :)

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