Friday, June 24, 2011

Jessica Stam for Mercedes-Benz A-Class by Terry Richardson

I'm a bog car girl fan that I could die! i really could die fore a car!

I love cars and fashion and I love this model Jessica Stam who is a splendig.

This ad is a frenzy and Terry Richardson does this well, hes unstoppable and this time via Mercedes-Benz. In his commercial for the car maker, Jessica Stam is either a spy making some kind of getaway attempt, or a thief with a vehicle fascination. Either way, she really, really likes this car. Enough to caress it like an extremely beautiful lover. Also, props must be given for busting some serious moves in stilettos and a skin-tight micro-mini dress. Can you roll under a shutting garage door in club wear?

I probably not, but I can try it
fore i Car! it will definitely end silly but what would a real girls do fore Car..everything!!! and the commercial has all the vamped sex appeal of a typical Richardson photo shoot and this works for me. Interview with Terry Richardson



Forgive me if there are any technical errors in my English skills :)

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